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We understand an author’s journey, and every WCP client benefits from the expertise and experience of the Windy City team. We offer a complete line of a la carte publishing products and services designed to meet the challenges authors face in today’s dynamic publishing world.

With a minimal investment, authors can get their books professionally typeset, printed, and distributed worldwide. With WCP, authors own their own material, make higher-than-average profit margins, and more importantly, are in the driver’s seat of their own project.

Understanding the entire publishing process can help you make the right decisions for your book, and we have developed an affordable line of products and services that will assist you in making those choices. Whatever your publishing needs, we have the experience and knowledge to help you produce the best possible book.


Getting started is sometimes the hardest part of any endeavor. If you’re not sure where to begin, WCP offers the opportunity to speak with a professional to answer your specific publishing questions.

Personal Consultation with a Publishing Expert — $149
(one hour)

Receiving professional feedback on your manuscript can help guide you in the right direction. Whether you want to write a memoir for your family, be a bestselling nonfiction author, or have a children’s story aching to be told, our consultants can share with you the best way to achieve your goals. Unlike those close to your material, we can offer an unbiased view on how to make your book the best it can be.

With our Personal Publishing Consultation you are able to spend one hour discussing your questions and concerns with a publishing professional who understands the industry and the obstacles that can sometimes stand in the way of a book’s success. You choose the topics and questions that most concern you and your material, and we’ll provide feedback and answers.


An editor’s job is to make your manuscript the best it can be, not criticize your writing skills. Whether it’s punctuation and grammar, or content editing, our editors are professionals, each with at least 10 years’ experience in the publishing industry. At WCP, we use courteous and seasoned editors who are passionate about the work they do and want to help make your book successful.

Editorial Review – 0.014 per word
($250 minimum charge)

Looking for an editor’s initial reaction to your manuscript? Start out with an editorial review of your book. An experienced editor will review your content and provide a 2-3 page report on his/her thoughts, suggestions, and views regarding your story arc and readability.

Includes a 30-minute post-edit consultation with the editor

~ ~ ~

Fiction/Nonfiction Substantive Edit — 0.024 per word
($350 minimum charge)

Children’s Substantive Edit — $375 (up to 5000 words)

This type of edit is also known as a developmental edit, content edit, or comprehensive edit. The editor considers a book’s concept and intended use for the target audience. Content is analyzed for organizational structure, logic, completeness, design, style, and tone. The purpose is to make the book functional for its readers, not just to make it correct and consistent. Editorial decisions require judgment, not just the application of rules. Recommended changes will be sent to the author for review. The editor will query the author for clarification as needed.

Includes a 30-minute post-edit consultation with the editor

~ ~ ~

Copy Edit — 0.019 per word 
($300 minimum charge)

Children’s Copy Edit — $300 (up to 5000 words)

A copy edit checks for consistency and accuracy, as well as proper grammar, syntax, readability, usage, punctuation, spelling, voice (active or passive), sentence construction, consistent style, and clarity. It ensures authors have a clear voice and eliminates bias and jargon. Authors are queried for clarification and their review is incorporated into the manuscript.

Includes a 30-minute post-edit consultation with the editor

~ ~ ~

Proofread Edit – 0.013 per word  (with prior WCP Copy Edit)

Proofread Edit – 0.017 per word  (with no prior WCP Copy Edit)

Children’s Proofread Edit — $250 (up to 5000 words)

A proofread edit is completed once your manuscript has been professionally typeset and is in proof/galley form. It is a final review from a professional set of eyes that checks for any remaining errors. At this phase, content should not be an issue unless something jumps out as unreasonable. Our certified proofreaders are looking for typographical errors, formatting errors, running headers and footers, widows and orphans, word breaks, capitalization errors, or other problems not previously caught during editing or typesetting.

Cover Design

A book cover is your first opportunity to capture the attention of potential readers.  Our experienced designers creatively pull together images, font choices, and even genre-related color themes and trends to ultimately pique a reader’s curiosity and interest, and more importantly, to generate sales.

Standard Cover Design — Included with the purchase of any WCP Publishing Package

Professional WCP designers will work with the image you provide for your cover design. This can be a stock photo or copyright-free image, a personal photo or image, or a personal illustration to which the author owns all rights or has legal permission to use. We will create a professionally designed cover, including the front, back, and spine of the book, comprised of all essential cover components, such as book title, author name, back cover copy (provided by author), as well as all pertinent logos and markings. Once the image is received from the author, WCP will provide three cover options for author consideration.

Our basic publishing packages all include a Standard Cover. If you would like to upgrade to a Premium Cover, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

~ ~ ~

Upgrade to Premium Cover Design — $399

The Premium Cover Design service will assist authors who are unsure about the visual direction their covers should take. Based on a short synopsis of the book provided by the author, WCP designers will research image files and provide the author with up to three different copyright-free images that reflect the theme of the book. The author may choose one of the images as the focal point of his or her book’s cover. Our designers will then use the image to craft a custom-designed cover including the front, back, and spine of the book, comprised of all essential cover components, such as book title, author name, back cover copy (provided by author), as well as all pertinent logos and markings.


In today’s digital world, having an eBook is a necessity. Between Nooks, Kindles, iPads, and a host of other devices, readers have a number of choices when it comes to downloading digital books. Don’t lose out to the competition by not having an eBook available—have your book professionally converted to a file compatible with today’s eReaders.

eBooks — Priced Per Project

Due to each book’s individual elements—page counts, graphics, hyperlinks, etc.—eBooks are priced once all elements affecting conversion are identified.

Marketing and Promotional Services

There are almost a half-million books published per year, so making sure your book gets noticed is critical for success. Just being on Amazon doesn’t mean people will automatically know it’s there. Book marketing and promotion are necessary tasks for getting your book into the hands of your potential readers. Marketing takes time and money, so plan carefully where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. Having the right marketing tools can make all the difference in book sales and exposure.

~ ~ ~

Book Promotional Package — priced per project

Whether you’re looking for business cards, sell sheets, posters, or any other promotional materials, Windy City Publishers can help you create eye-catching sales materials. Get the word out with our professional products and take your book marketing to a whole new level.

~ ~ ~

Written Press Release and Distribution — $599 and up

Press releases are designed to communicate with the media, but with the growth of the Internet, the very definition of “media” has changed. Media still includes traditional print outlets like newspapers and magazines, as well as radio and TV broadcasts. But with digital marketing, information is now disseminated through business and personal websites, blogs, responses to blogs, and social media networks. Let Windy City Publishers help you chart the best distribution plan for you and your book.

Additional Services

Amazon Expanded Distribution — $149

Ingram Expanded Distribution — $299

Amazon global distribution is included in all WCP Publishing Packages.  Expanded Distribution is an additional service.

~ ~ ~

Hardcover Books — Priced Per Project

There are still those book lovers and book collectors who desire the look and feel of a traditional book—the hardcover. Windy City Publishers offers authors the opportunity to publish their books in this most traditional and formal format. Due to each book’s individual elements, hardcover versions are priced once all elements affecting the creation of the hardcover version are identified.

~ ~ ~

Book Indexing — Priced Per Project

Depending on the nature and focus of your nonfiction book, it can be crucial to make sure people understand the book’s content. Potential book buyers, bookstore browsers, librarians, educators, and book reviewers sometimes look to an index to determine if the topic of interest is covered and if the information in the book is complete. A quality index, prepared by a certified book indexer, will immediately answer those questions and help make the buying choice easy for your readers. Due to each book’s individual elements, book indexing is priced once all elements affecting the creation of the index are identified.