Only pack what you can carry yourself. ...

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Maro Eliot
"Ask Avery Anything: A Woman’s Journey through Midlife Dating", shares the true dating adventures and thoughts of one midlife woman. Written with humor, Ms Eliot’s approach directly involves the reader whom she brings along to evaluate her situations.

Through her website, AskAveryAnything.com, she has created a forum for women to exchange stories and ideas.

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Welcome to Windy City Publishers

WCP is a boutique hybrid publishing company located in the Chicagoland area. We are a digital organization that uses the latest technology to manage the publishing process for authors not only in the USA, but globally as well. Our authors are actively involved with every step and dictate the pace in which the process moves.

We support the independent author by offering all of the services of traditional publishing houses (editing, marketing and distribution), yet we are author-funded like a self-publisher, allowing writers to retain the rights of their work, receive higher royalties and maintain control over their publishing process.